Clark Cattle Enterprises, LLC vs. Sara Leigh Bowell

This case consisted of a suit that determined whether or not the defendants changing of wetland infrastructure by altering existing ditches, canals, or culverts jointly benefitting both land owners wrongfully altered the flow of surface waters from Plaintiff’s lands causing irreparable harm.

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Artesian Farms vs. Hillsboro County and Lucas 64

This case involved trying two separate actions at one time before a jury in July 2002. One suit involved drift of 2-4-D from the county’s tractors onto Artesian’s tomato crop, and the other involved a products liability action sounding in strict liability action against Lucas alleging defective design of equipment. Verdict was entered by the jury finding both defendants liable to Artesian, and agreeing with our damage calculation to the penny.

The Coca Cola Company vs. the Florida Dept. of Agriculture

This case involved an action for inverse condemnation by the Minute Maid division of the Company against the State of Florida claiming it had wrongfully destroyed nursery stock based on an incorrect belief that a harmless leaf spot was in fact citrus canker. After several years we obtained a settlement for the company in excess of $7,000,000.00. For more than a decad,e we represented the Company in numerous environmental matters, and enjoyed an excellent relationship with them as well as Adams Packing Assoc. and Citrus World.

Finks Farms vs. Dupont

This was one of 15 cases we handled for farmers and nursery persons against Dupont regarding the fungicide Benlate. We have tried more cases with Dupont than any other attorneys in America. A verdict in favor of Finks Farms was appealed by Dupont. All briefs were written by this office, and a favorable ruling was obtained for the client. We have been trying complex products cases for over 30 years.

J & B Tomato, Inc. vs. Asgrow Seed Division of UpJohn

Litigated in Toledo, Ohio, this case involved an allegation that the seed was infected by bacterial tomato canker, and was settled. We presently represent farmers in Fremont, Ohio in an action for herbicide drift, as well as having represented clients in Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina

Mortellite vs. Novartis

This is an action we have pending in United States District Court in Camden, New Jersey for several blueberry growers alleging that Diazinon AG 600 when mixed with a fungicide became toxic to plants as a result of a chemical reaction inhibiting crop production for several years. We have participated with co-counsel in two appeals to the Federal Third Circuit Court of Appeal, and a related matter to the United States Supreme Court. This matter should be tried in the next few months.

Moye Farms vs. Great American Insurance Company

Ron Moye purchased crop insurance for his fall tomato crop. It flooded. Moye was denied crop insurance by Great American on two specious grounds. The first was that he had a “wetlands violation,” which he did not, and he hadn’t properly prepared his soil. We obtained a successful verdict in Arbitration for Mr. Moye. Great American appealed to the United States District Court in Tampa, Florida. We received a favorable ruling from Judge Elizabeth Kovacachevich. Great American filed an appeal with the United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeal. This matter was resolved prior to oral argument. I had the opportunity to work with excellent co-counsel, William Crispin, an attorney in Gainesville, Florida.