My Most Influential Professor: Army Drill Sergeant John Henry

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I graduated from college a full year early, spent the summer working the night shift at ButterKrust Bakery in Lakeland and went to the University of Florida College of Law in fall 1964. Gainesville was a blast for a guy coming from an all-male school — football games, parties, sunshine and legal studies on the [...]

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An Unfortunate First

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Like many of you, I studied civics in 9th grade and American history in 11th grade. We were taught the history of the second war with England known as the War of 1812. Toward the end of that war, the British invaded Washington and burned a large portion of the Capitol building. Our teachers proudly said that [...]

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The Spirit of Christmas Is a Gift to All

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At times, Christianity seems to focus more on “shouldn’t” as opposed to “should,” or “can’t” as opposed to “can.” Positivity over pessimism is hard work. This holiday season is unique because all of us across the globe are exposed to the same pandemic menace regardless of race, color or creed. It is similar to the [...]

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Where are the Peacekeepers?

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Peacekeeper has been defined as a mediator, a parent, a restorer of civility and, out West, a revolver. We have been subject to mass disinformation from both sides of the spectrum during the political process. A pandemic rages around us being fought by local health providers day and night whose common sense recommendations in some [...]

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Voting Is a Privilege and a Duty

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Thomas Jefferson was fanatical about the decentralization of the Federal government, writing other than a military and printing money the states should be left in charge of their destiny. Should he go on the Florida state Supervisor of Electrons web page, he would be pleased. Each of Florida’s 67 counties has a separate Supervisor of [...]

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FFA Training Center: A Place for Social Distancing

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We often see articles about places to go with family, friends, or associates for relaxation or meetings that provide open and interesting spaces, or accommodations and dining that make us feel safe from the unpredictable world of COVID. When the FFA Training Center first opened more than 20 years ago, I thought its use was [...]

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A Nostalgic View of Ben Hill Griffin

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While in law school in the ’60s at the University of Florida, I rode with my dad, Snow Martin, to Tallahassee. The legislature was in session. My dad, a former member of the legislature and co-author of the Florida Citrus Code, was lobbying for various interests. We paid a social visit to Ben Hill Griffin [...]

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Six Thousand Points Of Light

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The week of June 10, the 29,000 members of Florida FFA and their advisors pulled off an amazing technological achievement while demonstrating responsible behavior for themselves and setting an example for the rest of us at their annual convention. At any given time during the days of meeting by distant virtual communication, as many as [...]

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When Opposing Points of View Can Both Be Right

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Our office began litigating the causes of environmental events, be it by human kind or Mother Nature, in the early 1970s, with no end in sight. Like many of you, other than farmers and cattle folk who can’t stop nature, we’ve been more isolated. We’ve been watching nature on public television and Planet Earth on [...]

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Mike Martin on AgLaw Today

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Checkout our first podcast with Cari Rinker, an agriculture lawyer in the Midwest as host, produced and distributed by Purdue University Agriculture as information for agricultural interests of all types. This podcast introduces Martin Law in a lively discourse between host and guest. More to come on relevant subjects.

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