After years of negotiations between the Florida Nursery Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) and the USDA’s Risk Management Agency, the brand-new Nursery Value Select (NVS) Pilot policy is ready to launch. The new policy will be offered in many Florida counties this spring. It is imperative that you contact your crop insurance agent immediately regarding this coverage.  You and your agent can review the Nursery Value Select website which has been established by USDA. It can be found by googling the phrase “Nursery Value Select”.  


This new policy is based on the existing nursery crop insurance program and developed with input from nursery growers. The following changes are what make NVS different: 

  • The application and annual renewal process have been simplified.
  • Nursery producers are able to select the amount of coverage that best fits their risk management needs. There are 10 plant categories to choose from, or growers can tailor their coverage to an individual practice (container or field grown).
  • The loss adjustment process is simpler and more accurate in determining plant values. 
  • The new Occurrence Loss Option (OLO) moves the deductible from a unit level to a plant level for an additional premium on buy-up policies.
  • NVS relies on the producer’s inventory records to create a plant list.
  • Plant category naming conventions are more familiar to the nursery industry.
  • Program dates are tailored to the agronomic and industry practices in use in various regions across the country.


Information provided by USDA includes nine-page basic provisions of the Policy with which you will have to comply, and two 50-page handbooks relating to crop insurance standards and crop insurance adjustments.  The agency further provides a list of frequently asked questions and answers which are informative.  


Myself and Bill Crispin attended the RMA workshops in West Palm Beach and Apopka, Florida put on by RMA personnel for owners of nursery’s and crop insurance providers.  While the program provides opportunities it also presents a mine field of responsibilities for you and your agent. It is important that you keep accurate records relative to inventory and sales.  The elements of how to proceed when crop loss or plant injury occurs can be found in the Resources section of the Martin Law Office website found at  The website provides information regarding frequently asked questions and/or provides to you a link to the Nursery Value Select website.  Further, if you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (863) 686-6700.  


The new NVS policy will be available in nine states, and 27 Florida counties soon, including Polk, Hillsborough, Lake, and Orange Counties. This NVS Pilot policy is a very significant milestone and positive news for nursery and greenhouse crop growers! 


***Please be advised there is a debate about whether or not Coronavirus is a naturally occurring event which affects your right to claim crop insurance as a covered peril.  On April 10, 2020 the FNGLA wrote the Secretary of Agriculture regarding these issues. You should contact your agent and keep accurate records of all inventories, potential sales or contracts.***