Christmas is a time when we Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem.  The day is spent with family and friends opening gifts, sharing stories, and ignoring (for a few hours, at least) the whirlwind of events in our world that swirl around us.

It’s a time for rebirth of our ideas and thoughts for the coming year, to think about the past year, our success, failures, and those lost who were part of our lives.  It’s a time to contemplate the future, and rekindle the resolve that’s a necessary out-growth of accepting the task of providing for family and others.

Four decades ago when I began the practice of law my Dad challenged me to use imagination, be innovative, embrace new technology, and bring new and different ideas to the table.  He and my Mom set out on a life’s course together that would span seven decades confronting the ever changing world around them.

Christmas is a time to set aside thoughts about those who taunt us, and focus on family and friends who daily enrich our lives by their unwavering allegiance and willingness, give us the advice we need.

My wife Joy and I both have jobs in positive environments surrounded by co-workers who appreciate and respect each other.  Being courteous to those around you, keeping your word, and showing respect to all persons irrespective of their status engenders success in any business.

On Christmas morning, take a moment to gaze out a window and reflect upon those in foreign lands guiding their children to safety through the dessert, men and women of our nation wedged in a bunker awaiting the next attack, resolve a requirement for survival, and say a silent “God’s speed and protection to each of you.”

The Martin family wishes each of you a happy holiday season.