You can find many homeowners at their local hardware store on the weekend, buying the tools for a do-it-yourself project.  The big stores like Lowes and Home Depot make it easy for homeowners to take on tasks because they offer at-store trainings.  While we are working to make our homes beautiful, why not take a look at our health too, especially for families. 

A relatively new trend is the family garden.  Our health is important and a family garden is a great way to teach children about the benefits and importance of living healthy.  Some fun family gardening ideas include the Toss Salad Garden, the Fruit Salad Garden, and the Side Dish Garden. All of these gardens can feature delicious Florida produce and add gardening fun all year long.

This article features new ways to grow vegetables using gutters and pots.  Want some ideas on what your family could grow? This guide from the University of Florida offers gardening set-up advice and a list of what grows well in Florida.

Do you think your house would enjoy a family garden?