Today, we produce more than 300 agriculture commodities in Florida.  Agriculture production began small but has grown to make a $100 billion economic impact today. With more than 47,000 farms across the state, an important shift in our agriculture is the growth of small community farms.  A recent study conducted by the University of Florida shows Floridians are buying more locally grown foods.  According to the survey results, one-fifth of the food purchased by consumers is locally grown.

As consumers and Florida residents, we have an opportunity to help the agriculture industry. We can serve as a voice for agriculture producers through our communications with legislatures. State law makers review important agricultural issues every session, such as the serious greening issue Florida’s citrus industry is facing. We can advocate for change and ensure the industry continues to thrive by reaching out.

Here are a few ideas.

  • Visit the American Farm Bureau Federation to learn how to become an effective advocate for agriculture. The site shares how to make your voice heard.
  • For women farmers, take a look at CommonGround. It is a national movement of volunteer farm women and who plan to change what people know about farming by doing something extraordinary. The program is all about starting a conversation between women who grow food, and the women who buy it
  • Young people can become important advocates by joining agriculture-based organizations like the National FFA Organization, or the Florida FFA Association.

Are you an Agriculture advocate? Share about your involvement in the comments below.