Florida has been in the blueberry business for many years, but only since the last decade have growers begun to make a name for themselves.  The Florida Blueberry Growers Association (FBGA) recently launched an awareness campaign to share with the world about the progress of Florida blueberries.  Because of Florida’s mild climate, the season for harvesting doesn’t compete with any other U.S. locations like Michigan and California.  Florida’s season runs between March and late April to early May, and during this time, growers produce enough blueberries to supply the entire country.

In September, the FBGA launched BlueberriesfromFlorida.com, a consumer-driven website designed, to create awareness about Florida blueberries. The site offers very interesting information about the super fruit.  Just looking through the pages, we learned that blueberries can slow the aging process, help with memory loss, and reverse problems associated with diabetes. These are just three of the many, many benefits blueberries offer.  We also found several do-it-yourself recipes for blueberry facials that help diminish fine lines and give skin a healthy, youthful glow.

BlueberriesfromFlorida.com also offers a selection of recipes that are updated frequently. These aren’t your typical recipes either. We found unique dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus appetizers and even drinks. It was very interesting to learn all that this super fruit has to offer.