Good news for commercial carriers on Florida highways! Drivewyze PreClear bypass service has recently reached an agreement with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) Office of Agricultural Law Enforcement (OALE) to allow qualified carriers to bypass 22 agricultural inspection stations in Florida. There are already 440 weigh stations and inspection sites using this service in over 30 states around the country.

A participating vehicle’s weight, credentials, and safety record are automatically verified, giving them authorization to bypass weigh stations and inspection sites instead of pulling in for a manual inspection. This will save time, fuel, and prevent congestion at the stations. This is good news to the Florida agricultural industry which is worth about $100 billion to the states yearly economy.

Vehicles eligible for the bypass service cannot carry agricultural products or operate refrigerated units. This will free up lines at the stations, so trucks that are carrying agricultural products can get through much quicker. With less congestion and fewer backups, the service will also provide a much safer environment for vehicles required to stop at the stations. The OALE can focus on carriers hauling agricultural, horticultural, and livestock commodities.

Non-agriculture carrying vehicles are pleased to have this service, because it will reduce the travel times to reach their destinations. They can simply stay on the highway and keep driving. Figuring in driver salary, vehicle operating expenses, and fuel, the cloud-based service is estimated to save between $8 and $9 per vehicle for each bypass.