On the surface farming may seem like an industry that has not embraced smartphone technology, but developers have launched several Apps over the years to benefit farmers. The field and crop apps have become increasingly important for high-tech cash crop farmers. Here’s a quick look at five smartphone apps making the job easier for farmers.

Commodity Prices.  The app can track corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, lean hogs, live cattle, feeder cattle and more. It’s a simple to operate and

Weather Underground.  Weather is an important factor for Florida crops. There are many weather apps available but Weather Underground stands well against any of them. Track temperature, visibility, humidity and more down to the hour.

Virtual Farm Manager. This app was developed by farmers in the northwest.  It is a subscription-based service that helps you store, view and log information about your fields.

Farm Progress App. The Farm Progress app is well-rounded and provides a lot of information and tools for the on-the-go farm user. Farmers and ranchers can keep on top of breaking ag news, grain and livestock markets. The Farm Progress app offers access to about 20 of the nation’s top agricultural news outlets.

Agrian Mobile App. This app allows growers to find information about crop protection products. It provides users with the best information on crop protection and has the most complete database. Some key app features include, more than 280 manufactures, access to more than 7,000 crop protection products, organic crop options, pest use rates and more.

Want to see what other great options are out there? Visit Farms.com here. They keep a running list of what apps are available.