When it comes to delicious food, TV show host and restaurant owner Chef Emeril Lagasse is undoubtedly a household name. Chef Lagasse is doing Florida Agriculture a big favor with a feature on his popular television show.  According to an article in the Orlando Business Journal, Lagasse will highlight the Orlando area in an upcoming episode Emeril Florida.

How does this help Florida Agriculture?

The episode will give a boon to Florida Agriculture by emphasizing the close ties between Florida’s tourism and the agriculture industry. The show will feature locally sourced foods and share about the many freshly grown products found in Florida.  We shared the tremendous contribution from Florida Agriculture in a recent post.

Florida ranks seventh among all states in the United States with agriculture.  Each year, Florida exports $3.1 billion in agriculture products to 140 countries around the world.  There are over 47,500 farms spanning Florida and the average farm is 195 acres.  These farms and agriculture related businesses produce 1.35 million jobs and 250 different commodities, making it one of the most diverse production agriculture states in the nation.

The Emeril Florida episode ties Florida’s number one industry, tourism, with its number two producing industry, agriculture. It’s a great example of how industries can work together for the common good of the state.