Lately, we’ve been sharing about Florida’s citrus greening issue. We thought it would be nice to share about a positive greening initiative that is taking place across Florida. A recent article in Florida Today shares how farmers and ranchers are working to reduce the impact farming has on the environment. One problem has been nutrient runoff from the use of water. Over the last decade many Florida farmers have been focusing on ways to reduce runoff and conserve water.

Florida has many providers of agriculture from cattle, to fresh produce, to row crops and forestry. Every segment of these providers has detailed best management practices. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) developed a formal Best Management Practices program for agriculture producers. The program was approved by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, and farmers who participate are closely monitored to ensure they adhere to requirements.

Under the program, trained professionals with FDACS visit participating ranches to evaluate and recommend specific improvements and upgrades to our operations that will save water and reduce our impact on the environment. The 3,000 agricultures producers enrolled in best management practices have made quite an accomplishment.  Every year, they conserve over 25 billion gallons of water through conservation efforts.