Florida’s future farmers are making a big impact on Capitol Hill.  Our office has always advocated for and supported the Future Farmers of America Association and the Florida Farm Bureau.  A trend we are seeing recently is how this group’s young members are working closely on regulatory issues that affect Florida farming.  In this June 17 article, Emma Reynolds of Reynolds Farms in Lake Placid shares her view on an important point: how regulations increase costs for farmers.  Regulations are needed to ensure quality and protect consumers, but Ms. Reynolds brings up a valid point, regulations add costs to the farming industry. 

Ms. Reynolds and other GenNex Growers are working closely with lawmakers to learn more about the issues and stay in the foreground for change.  This month’s issue of Florida Agriculture features an article about Farm Bureau members and highlights how students are traveling along with Farm Bureau members to learn firsthand how effective legislative sessions can be and the impact Farm Bureau members have in politics.

In the article, Audra Mazak, a Stetson University student, shared her perspective on tagging along to Washington. She said it was wonderful to see grassroots Farm Bureau members go to Washington to discuss a bill and witness their impact on the decisions being made.  Farm Bureau President John Hoblick supports the efforts by GenNex and says the youth’s good work on Capitol Hill will help create many positive results in the future.

As a local agriculture community, our future is in the hands of the young farmer.  We should do everything we can to provide them the resources they need for success.