Our office is a big supporter of the Future Farmers of America, a valuable associated launched back in 1928. If you are not familiar with this organization, we encourage you to learn more about it and get involved where you are able.  While the average age of a farmer in the U.S. is over 60, Florida is home to a fast growing wave of young farmers.  In Southwest Florida, Collier County specifically, many young farmers are entering the field and growing their business.  In a recent article published Tri-Valley Central and on News-Press.com, Lara Collier, a 24-year-old vegetable grower, is featured as a success example.

University of Florida’s Robert Halman said in the article that he attributes the growing trend to the fact that young consumers are finding they can become entrepreneurs in Florida and in this field. While starting a farm is a significant investment, Halman said our young people have the drive and nontraditional thinking that gives them the chance to make a living at farming.

Greening Up: South Florida’s Young Farmers, is a newly released video also highlighting young farmers.  It shows a candid look at the young farmer and why they chose the profession.  For some of the farmers, it’s the connection with nature and eating healthy.  For others, it’s the year round growing season and the many options available to Florida growers.  The one reason they most have in common is the growing importance of “knowing where your food comes from.”

Regardless of the reasons, we are happy to see the interest and commitment.  Join our office in supporting this important group of young people.