Florida ranks seventh among all states in the United States with agriculture.  Each year, Florida exports $3.1 billion in agriculture products to 140 countries around the world.  One of its most successful crops is the blueberry. Florida blueberries pack a powerful nutritional punch.  In just one cup of delicious blueberries there are only 84 calories and we gain 14 percent of our daily fiber needs.  Even more good news is that Florida’s blueberry season begins well before other parts of the United States. We are in the season right now.

If you’re looking for something fun to do with the family or perfect for a class outing, consider visiting on of Florida “you pick” farms.  The list of farms is added to daily as crops become ready for harvesting.  Some farms are open during the entire season, December through April. Other larger commercial farms open for “you pick” just at the end of the season.  Find an open Florida farm near you using this list.  now open. Visit the official website at www.floridablueberrygrowers.com to check for new farms.

If you like what you see at the farm, mark your calendar for an even bigger event, The Florida Blueberry Festival.  This is another great family-friendly activity that supports Florida’s blueberries. The festival begins April 12 and offers more blueberries than you can every hope for, entertainment, and other foods.  Learn more at the official website.

Visiting a farm is great way to support local business, grab your food at its absolute freshest, and enjoy the outdoors. We are blessed to have so many agricultural products at our fingertips. It’s important to take advantage of the opportunity.