Agriculture is an important industry for everyone. It’s a life-sustaining industry and necessary for our survival. Maintaining a successful farm or crop takes a great deal of hard work and talent, especially when it comes to battling weather challenges and pesky pests. 

Every crop is susceptible to problems from pests, whether rodents or insects and the farming industry is always looking for ways to combat the problem. There is also much controversy over the use of insecticides on agricultural crops and the harm they can cause us. It’s a serious concern and why thousands of farmers have switched to an organic farming.

In Louisville, Georgia this month a mother lost her life from the misuse of an agricultural insecticide. A family member had misused the dangerous chemical to combat a pest problem in the family’s house. The product labels warn against using the product in the home and the danger signs are prominently displayed.

Tragic stories like this bring more focus to the need of organic farming. According to the Organic Farming Research Foundation, organic farmers are not allowed to use synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. All kinds of agricultural products are produced organically, including produce, grains, meat, dairy, eggs, fibers such as cotton, flowers, and processed food products.

How important are organically grown products for your family? Would you choose an organic product over traditional farm products?