Agritourism is one of the fastest growing segments in Florida agriculture today. Agritourism operations in The Sunshine State are about to get some serious backup from the newly-formed Florida AgriTourism Association. It likely won’t be long before other states follow suit. The benefits of the Association are sure to be felt by the state’s agritourism operations, like farm tours, u-pick, corn mazes, harvest festivals and more.

Focus of the Florida AgriTourism Association

Florida’s AgriTourism Association program was created to give support to those in Florida ag who have or would like to start an agritourism business. The Association offers information on topics like business development, marketing, education and legislative advocacy.

Plans are in the works for Florida farmers and ranchers to have the opportunity to learn more about agritourism options. If an ag producer has a questions on forming, running or marketing an agritourism venture, the Florida Agritourism Association is a resource to turn to. The Association will also work as a voice for Florida agritourism in Florida government.

The Growth of Florida Agritourism

Agritourism is one of the fastest growing segments in Florida’s ag industry. It’s a true win-win for both the growers and producers who offer agritourism ventures and the people who visit them. Agritourism operators benefit from the additional income generated by agritourism sites and events. They also enjoy sharing their passions for agriculture with the community and out-of-state visitors. Agriculture is a big part of what Florida is all about, and those in Florida’s ag industry are happy to share the Florida that lies beyond the beaches and theme parks.

Visitors benefit from getting a first-hand look at how agriculture operations are really run. The new Florida AgriTourism Association will undoubtedly be a good resource for those in the ag industry on agvocating with agritourism, among all the other benefits the Association will offer.