We love small farm success stories.  In recent posts, we’ve talked about how Florida is seeing tremendous growth in small family owned farms.  This recent article from the Gainesville Sun, shares the story of two entrepreneurial farms. A more recent review in the Herald Tribune, shows that most begin as the casual backyard gardener.

Global Organics is a south Sarasota company success story.  Founder Mitch Blumenthal began gardener with his wife on 10 acres of land.  They began by cultivating the organic blueberry bushes the farm came with when they purchased it.  Before they knew it, they were organic growers.  This endeavor was the catalyst to their focus on healthy agricultural practices.

Global Organics started in 1999 with a refrigerated box truck and now employs over 100 employees and ships 25,000 – 30,000 cases per week as far as Louisiana and Virginia. While Global Organics has grown to using outside farm producers, they still rely on Florida farms for a majority of the products. That’s great news for new small farms and existing farms and the Florida agriculture industry. Also, lucky for us, they love Sarasota too much to move their booming business.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your favorite local organic producer?