The ag industry’s fruits of labor are all around us, and the holidays are a good time to appreciate how blessed we are to live in a nation with such a healthy and beneficial agriculture industry. Our holidays are truly made bright by the hard-working men and women in the ag industry. See how the ag industry affects your holiday celebrations.

The most common ag product that is related to the holidays is live Christmas trees. According to tree stats from the National Christmas Tree Association, 25 to 30 million live Christmas trees are grown and sold in the U.S. every year. Because of the growers—15,000 of which are family farms—there are many options for Christmas trees for our decorating enjoyment. Similarly, the accompanying greenery—wreaths and live boughs, for instance—that adorns our doors, mantles and other surfaces comes from the same source.

The greenhouse and nursery section of the ag industry also contributes a wide array of plants for the season. From customary poinsettias, ready-to-bloom Amaryllis and Christmas Cacti to flowers and houseplants meant for décor and gifts, such festive additions bring the outdoors into our homes for the holidays.

As to food, there would be very little in the cupboard without our country’s ag industry. Whether your family enjoys a Christmas ham, goose, turkey, the Feast of Seven Fishes or a modern surf-and-turf meal, it’s all made possible by the nation’s farms and ranches working seven days a week all year long. You can also add holiday favorites like eggnog and cookies and milk for Santa to that list, because all of the ingredients—from flour to sugar to eggs—are produced by the ag industry too.

Christmas trees and holiday foods are obvious products that make our celebrations better, but there are additional products that help us to make merry. For instance, paper manufacturing—which is considered part of the timber industry—gives us the cards, boxes, bags, wrapping and tissue paper we use to wrap and send out holiday presents. Thanks to those in agriculture, gift-giving is a truly festive affair!

This holiday season, enjoy time with family and friends and keep the ag industry in mind when enjoying the celebrations!