While we should be thankful for our blessings every day of the year, it is natural and traditional to reflect on our blessings at the close of the year.  I read an article this week about the blessings of Florida Agriculture and it got me to thinking. We Floridians are really very blessed to live in a state rich with agriculture. 

I’ve taken a moment to count our blessings… We have a tremendous selection of fresh Florida grown fruits and vegetables at our fingertips all year long.  From Florida blueberries to oranges, we have healthy living and super fruits at our beck and call. There are thousands of small farms peppered across our state with farmers working hard to give us the foods we need and want.  We can find delicious recipes featuring our Florida agriculture with one simple click.

To enjoy a Florida picnic, we need drive only a short distance to put our toes into the soft Florida sands and enjoy the fresh sea air.  Or, we can pack a tent and find relaxation camping at a park or hiking by one of Florida’s rivers or creeks. How we enjoy Florida agriculture is completely up to us.

So, during this season of giving thanks, don’t forget to thank a local farmer for contributing so many blessings to us all year long.

Happy Holidays!