A recent article on Bloomberg.com highlighted the success of U.S. farmland.  In 2013, U.S. farm income is seeing a 40-year record high of $120 Billion. It isn’t just individual land owners who are investing, this video shares why big investment firms are also including agriculture investments in their overall portfolios. Agriculture is a valuable to investors and consumers alike.

Florida’s agriculture history, which reached a 500 year milestone this year, includes some interesting facts. Below are some that you might not have expected to see.

1.         There are over 47,500 farms in Florida

2.        Nearly ½ of Florida Agriculture land is involved in cattle production

3.        The top agriculture product is greenhouse/nursery products (not citrus!)

4.        Today we produce nearly 300 commodities in Florida

5.        Florida ranks seventh in agricultural exports with $3.1 billion

The increase in income will be effected by increased expenses, which are projected to increase by .03 percent according to the USDA.  However, it’s still nice to see the recognition of such an important U.S. commodity.