At a leadership summit, Florida’s Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam listed a short supply of water as the number one issue for Florida’s agriculture Industry.  According to an article in The Naples News, Florida’s demand for water is expected to increase by 1.4 billion gallons a day, which is a rise to 7.9 billion gallons by 2030. 

Melissa Meeker, the vice president of CSA Ocean Sciences said the state needs to find a sustainable water supply if it wants to meet agricultural needs. She said conservation simply isn’t enough. 

Meeker suggests greater water reuse, increased water storage and recovery and desalinization, and other alternative water sources, saying tapping traditional sources is either too costly or unavailable.

This issue is so important it prompted the gathering of many local and state leaders, non-profit organizations, the media, and politicians, and was the first meeting of its kind for Florida. It was organized by lawyer, lobbyist, GOP fundraiser and news aggregator Justin Sayfie.

It seems Meeker didn’t hold back during the event and expressed tremendous concern about the issue.  Agriculture is such an important industry for Florida and our community especially. We thought the issue was important to raise here and would love to hear your thoughts. 

How do you feel about water conservation?