When we think of Florida, we think of pristine beaches and miles and miles of coastline.  Perhaps we also think of Disney World, Nascar and Football.  We certainly think of vacations and relaxation.  When we think of Florida agriculture, the first thing to come to mind is what? The famous Florida orange.  But, what you might not know about Florida agriculture is that it is incredibly diverse and much more impactful than you would imagine.

Florida ranks seventh among all states in the United States with agriculture.  Each year, Florida exports $3.1 billion in agriculture products to 140 countries around the world.  There are over 47,500 farms spanning Florida and the average farm is 195 acres.  These farms and agriculture related businesses produce 1.35 million jobs and 250 different commodities, making it one of the most diverse production agriculture states in the nation.

As you might expect, Florida accounts for 65% of the total U.S. citrus production. Because temperatures across Florida average in the low 80s most of the year, The Sunshine State’s growing season ranges from 100 to 200 days or longer. Florida also has the highest average precipitation of any state. Oranges, tomatoes and cane for sugar area among the crops that grow in Florida’s Myakka fine sand soil.  But, what you might not know is that Florida ranks second in the value of vegetable production.  We also rank second in the production of greenhouse and nursery products, and first in phosphate rock production.

Florida is diverse in all that she offers residents and visitors, so get out there and enjoy her gifts.


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