While most of the country is cold and barren, it is the perfect time in Florida to eat as many fresh fruits, vegetables and meats that you can! January is peak time for Florida harvest season with some of the most delicious produce in the country. Nearly 70% of vegetables purchased in the US during the winter months comes from Florida. Below you’ll find the best times to get delicious Florida vegetables.

January in Florida is the best time to get your plump and truly vine-ripened tomatoes. While the rest of the country is eating tomatoes that were packed before ripening, Florida is enjoying fresh deliciously ripened tomatoes. January is also a good time to get beans, broccoli, lettuce, cauliflower, strawberries, and avocados.

In February, be sure to eat potatoes and papayas. They are delicious!

In March, you should be filling your salad bowl with Florida’s crispy cucumbers and spinach. Fresh and yummy!

April is a good time to start loading up on cantaloupe, carrots, and the incredibly healthy super fruit, blueberries. Blueberries in Florida are ready for consumption before anywhere else in the country, and they pack a powerful punch of health benefits in addition to being absolutely delicious! Don’t forget about watermelons in April; they are perfectly ripe.

During May, you can taste the tasty tropical flavor of local mangoes. Are you a seafood lover? OK, stone crab isn’t a vegetable, but this is just a reminder that May is your last chance to eat Florida stone crab as the season ends then.

If you hang around as late as June, you can still enjoy the mild delicious flavors of the avocado. Passion fruit and lychee are fresh and available until September.